What is woodworm?

Woodworm is a general term for many wood boring beetles that can infest and damage structural timbers in buildings, floorboards, furniture and other wooden items. Our experts assess the extent of any woodworm problem and offer tailored solutions to quickly and effectively solve the problem, with all our specialist woodworm treatments including long-term guarantees.

Woodworm refers to the larvae stage of wood boring beetles. There are four types of woodworm:

  1. Common Furniture Beetle
  2. House Longhorn Beetle
  3. Wood Boring Weevil
  4. Death Watch Beetle

Wood, like humans needs water to survive, but an overflow of water can be harmful to wood, it can result in a rise of fungal related problems.


  • Weak or damaged timbers or flooring
  • Fine, powdery dust
  • Beetles may be visible throughout the property often on window sills or under furniture
  • Appearance of neat round holes, 2mm across, in wood surfaces
  • Crumbly corners or edges to roof joists or floorboards
  • Dead beetles, usually found near the infested timber or around nearby window sills
Woodworm can be found anywhere in any housing timbers, furniture or in wooden outbuildings. Timber account for up to 70% of the fabric of a house, untreated woodworm can cause serious complications.


Our professional, experienced surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection to assess the extent of any problem and the type of woodworm involved. They will also determine if the infestation is active, check for associated problems such as wood rot or damp and if any timbers need replacing. Based on this detailed evaluation, they will then recommend any appropriate woodworm treatment.

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