All Possible Causes of Damp

❖ Condensation
❖ Rainwater penetration through external walls
❖ Rainwater penetration around window frames and doors etc.
❖ Leaks from roofs, gutters and downspouts
❖ Lateral penetration associated with changes of floor/ground level and high external ground levels
❖ Faulty drains
❖ Internal plumbing leaks
❖ Mortar droppings or debris in cavity walls
❖ Bridging of a damp-proof course
❖ History of flooding
❖ Linings which may cover up areas
❖ Poor building practices

How to Identify Damp

Wet & Dry Rot:

  1. A damp musty smell
  2. Fungal growth
  3. Cracking and crumbling of timber 

Basement Waterproofing:

  1. Damp musty smell
  2. Mould growing
  3. White, chalky substance on the walls


  1. Damp patches on walls, especially behind furniture tin corners
  2. Streaming windows
  3. Black mould
  4. Wall papers

Rising Damp:

  1. A salt-like substance appearing on the walls
  2. Peeling wallpaper
  3. Tide marks
  4. Walls that are moist to touch

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